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Sound, Healing and Homeostasis

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We are complex dynamic beings and our nervous system have remarkable plasticity, or ability to change. Some people believe musical notes have a specific effect or that sound will always have a predictable impact. This notion is false. It is a disservice to our amazing complex nervous system to think that a C tone of F tone will always have a predictable effect. We are not passive machines that will change simply because we hear a sound. The truth is much more complex and interesting.

Chakra Music and Singing Bowls

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Meditation tools like chakras tones, colors and mantras can be very useful in our spiritual development. However, they are not the end but only steps on the path. My message here is the same as always: “do not believe your perception is the truth.”

Tracing Singing Bowl History

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While singing bowls are distinctly Himalayan, they are a remnant of a very ancient craft that did not originate in the Himalayas. In fact, the technology was a late arrival to the region and has been lost everywhere else in the world. Bowls from Mesopotamia made with the same technology have date back 5,000 years.

a quick note about antique singing bowl history

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The true story of singing bowls is much more interesting, spanning 4,000 years and 4 continents, involving some of the world’s earliest technology and sustained as one of humankind’s longest continuously made objects.

How to stop singing bowl stick rattle

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If your singing bowl makes a rattling sound when you play it around the rim, it is not a problem with the bowl. It has more to do with the mallet and also your playing technique. If you are using bare wood, you are rubbing one hard surface against another. So, any lack of pressure [...]

Singing bowl alloy

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There is a lot of false information about singing bowls on the internet. We have done extensive metal testing at Himalayan Bowls, in cooperation with independent science labs and also with Oxford University in London. Our testing has shown that all handmade singing bowls, both new and antique, contain only copper and tin (an alloy [...]

Oxford studies antique bronze from Himalayan Bowls

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Scientists at the University of Oxford studied a group of antique singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls during 2010. Archaeological Metallurgists from the renowned university’s Department of Materials have confirmed Himalayan Bowls’ own metallurgical analysis and dating assessment of antique singing bowls. Dr. Peter Northrup and his team examined a group of antique bronze bowls from [...]

About Singing Bowl Decoration

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Antiques singing bowls typically have 3 types of decoration: Floral / Vine designs: The most rare type of decoration are floral designs of vines and leaves wrapping around the bowl. Some have fine elaborations with engraved flowers and abstract patterns. The leaf designs in this type are the deepest cut, so as the decorations wear [...]

Do singing bowls heal?

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Singing bowls are a wonderful support for the healing process. Remarkable things happen when people play singing bowls or listen to the sound of singing bowl recordings. The effects of the sound are so special that the experience can be life changing. Singing bowls produce a uniquely warm vibration that feels great. They produce a [...]

Tracing singing bowl history

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Artisans since ancient times used the special annealing technique, special details in the shape and the best bell metal bronze to achieve the special sound of singing bowls. Today singing bowls are the last remnant of this ancient bowl hammering tradition. The New Hand Made Singing Bowls from Himalayan Bowls are made using the same [...]

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