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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

The Sound of Emptiness

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Excerpted from my upcoming book, The Singing Bowl Book We can observe the physical world from various orders of magnitude. Taking the example of a human being, we can see the person as a member of a society, one unit in a large group. Or we can look at a smaller group and identify a […]

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Chakra Tones and Singing Bowls

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Meditation tools like chakras tones, colors and mantras can be very useful in our spiritual development. However, they are not the end but only steps on the path. My message here is the same as always: “do not believe your perception is the truth.”

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Singing bowls and healing

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Singing bowls are a wonderful support for the healing process. Remarkable things happen when people play singing bowls or listen to the sound of singing bowl recordings. The effects of the sound are so special that the experience can be life changing. Many people have utilized singing bowls during their personal healing process. Professionals also […]

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