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Sound Healing

Sound, Healing and Homeostasis

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We are complex dynamic beings and our nervous system have remarkable plasticity, or ability to change. Some people believe musical notes have a specific effect or that sound will always have a predictable impact. This notion is false. It is a disservice to our amazing complex nervous system to think that a C tone of F tone will always have a predictable effect. We are not passive machines that will change simply because we hear a sound. The truth is much more complex and interesting.

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Chakra Music and Singing Bowls

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Meditation tools like chakras tones, colors and mantras can be very useful in our spiritual development. However, they are not the end but only steps on the path. My message here is the same as always: “do not believe your perception is the truth.”

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Do singing bowls heal?

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Singing bowls are a wonderful support for the healing process. Remarkable things happen when people play singing bowls or listen to the sound of singing bowl recordings. The effects of the sound are so special that the experience can be life changing. Singing bowls produce a uniquely warm vibration that feels great. They produce a [...]

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