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Do singing bowls heal?

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Singing bowls are a wonderful support for the healing process. Remarkable things happen when people play singing bowls or listen to the sound of singing bowl recordings. The effects of the sound are so special that the experience can be life changing. Singing bowls produce a uniquely warm vibration that feels great. They produce a [...]

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Tracing singing bowl history

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Artisans since ancient times used the special annealing technique, special details in the shape and the best bell metal bronze to achieve the special sound of singing bowls. Today singing bowls are the last remnant of this ancient bowl hammering tradition. The New Hand Made Singing Bowls from Himalayan Bowls are made using the same [...]

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The truth about singing bowl metal

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Singing bowls are made from bell metal bronze, a combination of 77-80% copper and 20-23% tin. All antique  singing bowls and all new handmade singing bowls are made from the same high quality bell metal bronze. A small percentage of antique singing bowls contain up to 1% iron. Bell metal bronze is a special preparation [...]

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The magic of singing bowl shape

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Singing bowls were formed into elegant shapes by hammering. Artisans developed a variety of shapes which produce different tonal qualities. Over the centuries they learned to change the pitch of the bowls by altering not only the size but also the thickness of the metal. Slight variations in the thickness caused by the hammering produces [...]

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Ancient clues to singing bowl origins

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Singing bowls are a remnant of one of the most ancient metalworking traditions in the world. The process still used to make a singing bowl dates back 5,000 years. Singing bowls are made by annealing. Annealing is a process of shaping bronze by repeatedly heating and cooling the metal. The bronze is hammered, heated and [...]

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