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The Singing Bowl Book

  • BK1011
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  • 2012

The authoritative guide to everything about singing bowls, by Himalayan Bowls founder Joseph Feinstein. Full of accurate information about the history and traditional uses of singing bowls, plus practical techniques to use them. With over 100 beautiful photographs. Download a Free Sample Chapter.

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A mix of science, history and art, this book examines the origins of singing bowls, their cultural significance, traditional and modern uses plus dispels the many myths and lies about singing bowls, replacing wild stories with facts gained from 10 years of research and practical use. The most factual and detailed examination of singing bowls ever written, The Singing Bowl Book is loaded with information and practical techniques plus over 100 beautiful color photographs. Download a free sample now. Joseph is still working on the book and it will be available later in 2012.