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7.5" Antique Singing Bowl in A

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18th century
Genuine Antique Singing Bowl, accessories included. Joseph describes this singing bowl as a rare antique with a curved lip, nice color, various signs of age. This antique singing bowl has a strong bell tone with an excellent low tone, well tuned overtones and rings for over a minute.
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Click "Listen" to hear this singing bowl. You will receive the exact singing bowl in the sound recording and photos, plus free mallets and cushion. This is a rare Himalayan antique, hand selected and authenticated by Joseph Feinstein. Joseph hand selected this singing bowl in Nepal for its beautiful sound, smooth vibration, great condition and authentic old age. Real antique singing bowls are very rare and special. They produce some of the most beautiful sounds known to humanity. The vibration is instantly relaxing and healing. Antique singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls are the finest available anywhere in the world. Every singing bowl includes 1 free handmade cushion and 2 free handmade mallets, sized for every bowl. You will receive the exact singing bowl in the recording and photos. Listen with headphones to hear the real sound. They sound even better in person! Since 2001, Himalayan Bowls has been the premier source for genuine antique singing bowls. Our genuine antiques are one of a kind and available in very limited quantity.

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