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Singing bowls for sale from Himalayan Bowls. Free singing bowl information. Free singing bowl videos, singing bowl sounds and accurate information about singing bowls. Antique singing bowls for sale. New singing bowls for sale. Himalayan Bowls has been the premier singing bowl source since 2001. We are the oldest singing bowl shopping site and the first to put singing bowls recordings online. When you purchase a singing bowl from Himalayan Bowls, you are guaranteed the best quality, genuine singing bowl. Our singing bowls are selected for the best in-tune sound. All of our antiques are genuine antique singing bowls. Avoid the many fakes and the huge amount of false information. Himalayan Bowls is the trusted singing bowl importer and main supplier in the USA for quality singing bowls. All of our singing bowls are individually sourced in Nepal for the best quality, authentic age, great condition and beautiful sound. Welcome to the singing bowl source.


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