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We have received the bowls. They are very beautiful and their sounds also - sounds that touch our souls. Thank you! -Dan

I received my shipment today. Everything was precisely as depicted on the website, and the mp3 was a very good characterization of the sound (the real thing is even better.).  The shipment was immediate, and the packing was carefully and capably done.  Thank you very much.  I will purchase from you again.  -Eugene

I just wanted to send a note of gratitude and let you know how pleased I am with my purchase. I ordered them on a Thursday with regular shipping and they literally arrived the next day. They’re both so exquisitely beautiful and have wowed everyone I’ve shown them to. The coolest thing is that not very many people have ever seen a signing bowl before, and running the mallet along the rim of either of these produces such a loud, sustained sound, and I love watching people’s reaction as the sound builds. The pictures on the website do not do these bowls justice. I am sure I’ll be purchasing more, for myself and as gifts. -Jeremy

I am so happy with the Himalayan bowl that arrived this morning.  It has about four or five tones in it, I think.  It sounded so nice on the Internet, but up close it is really quite lovely.  It was a blessing to be able to get something so beautiful to look at and listen to for such a good price.  It will take its place at our local Meditation Center tomorrow morning. Thank you for making these bowls available . -Lisa

I must tell you that these little bowls that arrived yesterday are charming me to no end. They are precious, darling and enchanting, and I've already had some profound moments while playing them. Such vibes packed into these tiny objects! -Jennifer

They exactly correspond to what described and shown on your website, even as far as sound clips are concerned! So, I congratulate with you for the quality of the recording, and for the excellence of your products and service. -Paola

I absolutely love it!  I have never played a bowl before and am quite amazed how easily it sings.  When I heard it on your site I knew it was meant to be my first bowl.  It is so beautiful. Thank you so much! -Bonnie

Somewhere along the way, I must have acquired a thread of purely golden karma to have merited this bowl. It's truly a wonder. Thank you, Joseph! -Rebecca

I just received my singing bowl.  I received it very quickly and it is one of the finest quality singing bowls I have seen.  It is made extremely well and has a wonderful sound.  I was concerned about purchasing over the Internet without seeing the product, but now I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Thanks for the great service and hiqh quality merchandise! -Andy

I love my Singing Bowl!! I just wanted to send this message to you to say that the bowl i got from your website is FANTASTIC! I love it so much! I got one of the rare and unique ones. Funny thing happened today while playing it, I played the bowl near a window out of sight of people and i began singing it. When the tones got real loud i could hear someone say it must be God talking, whatever that sound is it's beautiful! -Lily

The bowls are so  so lovely,  they will definitely be the most treasured items in my household.  They are lined up in a row in front of my Buddhist altar. Thanks again for this opportunity. -Van

We are most pleased with the bowls.  You deliver on your promise of quality...and beauty! Thank you! -Terra

I just got my bowl and the bell and they are even more incredible than I expected! Thank you so much for your time and dedication! They will bring many people joy and peace. -Dustin

Amazing…The sound goes upward and spreads.  Soaring. -Mike

As I was in the antiquities trade for 7 years, I appreciated how well and carefully you packed them. I've been playing them everyday. -Jeff

The bowl arrived today and I am very happy with it and the wonderful detail of the design, which is much better than I expected! Your service was prompt and professional. Thanks for the great deal. -Mark

I don't know when I've heard such a serenely happy sound as these bowls make, and the after sound, when all three are singing together, is just miraculous.  What treasures.  I'm finding that I love just to have these bowls one by one in my hands; they're like wise friends already, even when they're not speaking. We can't thank you enough.  Blessings to you. -Rebecca

Yeah!  My beautiful, new engraved bowls arrived yesterday and I just opened the box-I wanted to make it a special ceremony.  The pictures online do not do them justice as they are more wonderful then I expected. One can feel the power and multidimentional quality as they find their voice in their new home. I look forward to our future together as we share the healing vibration and raise the frequency of Maine!   Thank you Joseph!  -Marci

The quality of the bowls you sell is excellent.  I am very happy with what I purchased from you and have told friends about your website.  Thanks. -Norvel

Thanks so much, I really like the selection you have, and the quality of the recordings are really great. There is a lot of care and attention towards your business and it shows. Thanks, Mu-Hsien

I received the singing bowls today! They are truly a wonder for me! I would like to thank you for your personalized service throughout this transaction. It is greatly appreciated. I am already looking into purchasing some pillows from your site for my new little friends. Thanks! -Ben

Thank you for making these amazing objects available; each one adds another universe of harmonics to the complexity already there.  You are a dealer in pure tones through the medium of such simple, lovely objects. Wow! -Michael

I cannot possibly find words to describe my newest bowl. Thanks for offering such exceptional instruments. -Barrie

The bowls arrived today and they are beautiful! The sound is amazing. It is better in person than on the recording and you had a great recording of it! These are truly pieces to be treasured and handed down through the family. I will be ordering more from you for sure. Thank you for the great customer service, you are fabulous to deal with. You know your stuff!! These bowls are a great call to meditation and create a very, very special atmosphere. You can really see all of the colors of the sounds produced by these. Thank you again and much continued success! -Gary

This bowl is spectacular! The quality of the tones and vibrations are obviously top notch. I love the golden color and just holding it in my hand is energizing. But where I think the real magic lies is in the thoughts and feelings that are born in my mind as I listen to the bowl sing. As I hear different tones, and as I change the way I ring it, it impresses my mind in different ways. This bowl is going to guide me on some amazing journeys through innerspace, I can already tell. -Patrick

The singing bowl arrived yesterday in great condition. It is everything you promised: great sound, great harmonics, very nice color, gorgeous deep tone. The bowl sings beautifully and quite easily. -Carole

Thank you for all your work in putting together my set of bowls. They are wonderful! I got home at about six and apart from a break for dinner I have played them all the time since and it has now gone two in the morning and I have already shown them to three friends and we all love them! I am also feeling de-stressed, if you know what I mean? I hope that I be able to sleep!!! -Chris

May I first say thank you. The singing bowl I recieved today is gorgeous and the sound is absolutely enchanting and dazzling. The reponse of the bowl is so quick and the voice of the metals practically leaps into the surrounding air ...the bowl sounds identical to that which you posted on your site (i would know, i listened to that sample a lot in anticipation of my bowl arriving). Again, I thank you. What you offer is truly powerful, thank you. -Jonathan

I just received the bowl today and I am completely blown away by it! I cannot believe there are that many tones that ring for so long. -Marc

I received my new bowl from you and I am extremely pleased. The delivery to England was very, very fast. I am now learning all about my bowl and its amazing sounds. I will thoroughly recommend your company to others. -James

I wanted to let you know that the bowl arrived safe and sound. It is wonderful. It is funny to think that it instantly became the oldest thing in my house. It is like a little treasure, I love the sound. -Rick

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing singing bowl. My wife loves it and I do too. My wife is using it in her yoga practice, before and after to center her. I have more been playing with it to see what sounds I can get out of it. The range and quality of the sounds are astounding and I am kicking myself for not having ordered a leather-covered mallet as well, which I saw you demonstrate on your website only after the bowl had arrived. Amazingly, our cat seems to like it too. She actually sniffs at it and rubs her head up against is as it is ringing. -Mark

The bowl arrived safely. It is exquisite! I appreciate the care taken in its selection for your gallery. I did not know that it could sing in each harmonic tone separately. I caught the lower tone, and then when I did it again, I caught the higher tone. It is intriguing to me that in the first three hours that I have had it, I was able to learn so much just by playing it and thinking about its form. This bowl really is as you said, "As nice as it gets." Thank you! -Debra

The stunning bowl came to me today, a day early! What a lovely palm size!! Even more perfect than I imagined and a beautiful tone. All of the greatest qualities in the large bowls yet in something that feels like a sound offering. The size begs to be cradled in your hands. Perfect! How something so simple can offer such complex joy in sound, warmth, shape and surface is staggering. I am thrilled. -Michael

Himalayan Bowls without a doubt has the finest singing bowls I have ever heard. They are fantastic! The sound of this set really is something else. The resonance is absolutely stunning. The tones are so rich, so magical, so alive. You have done a fabulous job putting the set together. This evening, our one year old daughter was cranky. After gently tapping one of the bowls, she became quiet, relaxed, and fell asleep in record time. -Scott

I am happy to say that all of my new Himalayan Bowls are absolutely the most divine items to work with. I always pack the set that you created for me first and then select a few crystal bowls to come along with me for private and group sessions. I have other instruments to use for sound work but the bowls just seem to carry a consciousness with them that surpasses every other instrument that I work with. These high energy tools have been passed through many loving hands to use for spiritual purposes and they require a certain amount of respect and love. Incorporating the Himalayan Bowls has opened up an entirely different aspect of my work. The amount of information and books on sound work that have come my way since receiving the bowls is incredible. I have started incorporating sound meditations for groups and the set is doing beautifully... I work with the dying and their families as well and the bowls are always very soothing and provide pain and mental relief and are very appropriate for sacred ceremonies. They are incredible and I want to thank you again for taking the time to create a most incredible group of bowls. They are a massage for the soul. -Nancy

The sound from this one is truly stunning, and it sings with barely a touch. Thank you! You are going to have me hooked on the better antique bowls... The voice is almost human - it is truly amazing. It is a prime example of why it pays to spend a bit more and buy a quality antique...The harmonics of this bowl are wonderful. I have perfect pitch, so the harmonic dissonance common to these bowls, even the good ones, puts me off a bit... From the MP3 files, they seemed to have almost perfect harmonics, chromatically. I certainly was not the least bit disappointed... From what I have read about you on the internet, it certainly sounds like you know about harmonics. -Jack

Everyone who hears my lovely singing bowl is totally enchanted by it. I play it every night before bed as a sort of prayer. I love it very much! Thanks, again, for such a wonderful companion! -Jan

The singing bowls arrived! They are magnificent! I have no words to say how much I am happy. Thank you my friend for these magnificent objects! -Patrice

Your recording is absolutely impeccable. The bowls sound great! -John

The singing bowl arrived in time for Mothers Day. My wife loves it. It brought a tear to her eye. Thanks for helping make her happy. -Bruce

The bowls have arrived safely. They are everything you said about them and more. The sounds they produce are breathtaking. Thank you so much for working with me to make getting them a reality. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to obtain bowls in the future. -Astrid

A few months later, Astrid wrote again: I want to tell you how wonderfully the bowls are working with the Healing Touch work I am doing. Everyone finds them very powerful and feels the effects of their healing properties immediately. They all absolutely love the fabulous tones and resonance. Those who have been exposed to the crystal singing bowls prefer the bronze as they are much gentler. -Astrid

The bowl is awesome! Its sound is deep and rich. It let me know from the beginning how it wanted to be played! It is wonderful and I look forward to more interaction with you in the future. -Kirsten

The bowl arrived. It is beautiful. I had my 13 year old son close his eyes and let it sing. He started laughing. And as the sound faded he said he could still hear it in his body. My son has had trouble sleeping, but last night I played it and within minutes he was sleeping soundly and woke up happy this morning. It is a wonderful thing to have. -Michael

It is the most amazing sound and feeling I have ever had. When the bowl starts to sing and it rises and rises all while you are going slower - it is incredible... It has been a few minutes since I played it and the sound is still within me. Thank you for bringing this joy and this experience to me. -Jonathan

I received my first 3 bowls and a new door has been opened for me. Each one offers a very different experience. Hearing the tones, feeling the vibrations in my hands, heart and mind - it is just amazing. I feel very focused when I use them. I am really a very practical and often skeptical person. I am quite surprised at myself in this new arena. I am truly satisfied and delighted with my purchase, and am looking forward to other bowls coming my way. -Pam

...It has a lovely feel to it - it feels loved, treasured, fantastic. Its tone is very much between the brow and crown, and it has a marvellous sustain - it really penetrates your being. I cannot keep my hands off it. -Andy

I have been teaching special ed for 15 years and have had several autistic students. A 16 year old boy named Ernest in my class is very bright and classically autistic. It is nearly impossible for him to sit still at times, and he is often found jumping around the classroom and howling. I brought the singing bowl I bought from you to school to show my co-workers my treasure, and was surprised by how fascinating it was to my students. The most interesting thing to me was the effect it had on Ernest. As long as the sound traveled and disappeared into silence, he was perfectly still and quiet. I have never seen anything like it. It was like magic. -Carla

I am in sound heaven today. I stayed up half the night playing with these new friends. How did I miss knowing about these for so long, I keep wondering? The four bowls go together very well. Thank you so much, and I love the mallets too. -Kathy

I have to say that it only took one strike of the mallet to see why the old bowls are far superior to the new ones! The harmonics of this bowl are astounding and the overall sound is so much warmer. I want to thank you for your help in selecting the bowl. The mallet you sent is great too, far better than the ones I have. -Steve

The sound from this one is truly stunning, and it sings with barely a touch. Thank you! You are going to have me hooked on the better antique bowls. -Jack

The bowl arrived and I am delighted. Thanks so much for your assistance throughout this process of bowl selection. I really like the mallet and the incense too. I will definitely spread the word to members of my Sangha. -Stan

My bowl arrived in the midst of unexpected upheaval and sadness and I rely on it to remind me of that which is higher, finer and greater. - Ava

They are wonderful and amazing and certainly do have their own personalities. -Kathy

We received our bowl yesterday and we could not be more pleased. Thanks for everything. It will be our call to prayer and our call to meditation - a beautiful song to grace our home. -Chris

I am a Reiki practitioner and I think this special bowl is going to be an important part of my future in the healing arts... I love the layers of tones when I strike the mallet and the way it seems to balance my energy... It feels like receiving this bowl is like making a new friend! -Sheryl

...I am so happy with it. The tone is just what I was wanting... Thanks for all your help. I continue to be blown away, delighted, mystified, completely captivated, and utterly spellbound by these bowls!! -Jennifer

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