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Singing bowl information from the singing bowl source. Himalayan Bowls is the singing bowl expert, with free information, videos on singing bowls and The Singing Bowl Book by Joseph Feinstein. Singing bowls are wonderful tools for relaxation, wellbeing, health, music, therapy and more. Here you can shop for singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls. Himalayan Bowls was the first company to sell singing bowls online. We were also the first to record singing bowls online. This is the original singing bowl website. Here you can find free singing bowl videos, singing bowl sounds and accurate information about singing bowls. We have genuine antique singing bowls and the best handmade new singing bowls for sale. Himalayan Bowls has been the premier singing bowl source since 1999. Himalayan Bowls founder Joseph is the singing bowl expert. You can trust the accurate advice he offers about singing bowls. This is the most trusted source for the best quality singing bowls available as well as down to earth advice and accurate singing bowl information. When you purchase a singing bowl from Himalayan Bowls, you are guaranteed the best quality singing bowls available anywhere. Each of our singing bowls is hand made and then undergoes strict quality control. We only select the best 5% of all new singing bowls and only the best 2% of antiques. These are the finest, most genuine singing bowls available anywhere. You may find less expensive singing bowls because there are many poor quality rejects on the market. We are the volume leader and sell a large quantity. For this reason, our prices are also the benchmark. Other companies not only copy our website, they also follow our lead on pricing. We stay consistently ahead of the competition by offering the best quality at reasonable prices. So, you may find more expensive singing bowls but they will not be better quality. You may also find less expensive singing bowls but they will definitely be lower quality. Our singing bowls are selected for the best in-tune sound. Joseph has a remarkable ear and special relationship with the singing bowls. Since 2001, we have offered only the very best sounding singing bowls, including our masterpiece hand hammered new singing bowls and our museum quality genuine antique singing bowls. Avoid the many fakes and the huge number of cheap brass bowls. Do not believe the lies about "7 metals" and the other false information on the internet. Here you will get the real answers about singing bowl history, use and singing bowl manufacturing. Please read The Singing Bowl Book to learn the entire history and tradition, as investigated by Joseph over the last 20 years. Himalayan Bowls is the trusted singing bowl importer and main supplier in the USA for the best quality, authentic singing bowls. All of our singing bowls are individually selected in Nepal for the best in-tune sound, smooth vibration, great condition and authenticity. Welcome to the singing bowl source, Himalayan Bowls.


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Order Processing

Orders are processed securely through our state of the art eccommerce system. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Transactions are processed by Authorize.net, one of the world's leading secure payment gateways. After you place an order, you will see a "success" message on the screen and also receive an email order confirmation. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email. Checkout does not require starting an account except for downloadable products like recordings. The optional account shows order history, including tracking information, and makes future ordering quicker. Downloadable products require an account.

Credit Card Declines

If you receive an on screen message that your credit card has been declined, that message has been communicated to us from your credit card company. Declines are always determined by your bank and the credit card processor, not our system. If you receive an on screen message that says AVS mismatch, please enter the address exactly as on your credit card statement. If your credit card has been declined for any other reason, please check with your credit card company. Call the number on the back of your card and ask them why it has been declined. If it is a security measure, you can ask them to clear it and then submit your order again. Please do not submit your order multiple times unless you are sure it will go through. Multiple order submissions will trigger security safegaurds which will block your transaction.

Address and phone information is used only to process your order. Customer information is never shared. Credit card information is not retained.

Shipping & Order Tracking

All orders are promptly shipped from our warehouse in Gilroy, California via USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail International (customers outside USA see below). We do not offer any other shipping methods. We do not offer expidited shipping.

Generally orders are processed in the morning, Monday - Friday. All orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days, usually the same day or next day. Busy times like holidays can cause longer shipping times. You will receive an email with your tracking number after your order ships. It may take 24 hours for USPS to send the tracking number.

1-2 days processing and 1 day for USPS notification means you will receive your tracking number within 2-3 business days after submitting your order. Sorry it takes so long, but that is the spead of shipping technology. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email. You can also log in to your account to receive the tracking number. Please note if you see a message that your order is "processing," that means the tracking information has not been received from USPS yet.

Priority Mail takes 1-3 days for delivery after it is shipped. Signature is not required. Delivery is at the discretion of your postal worker, so check with your postal worker to make sure delivery will be secure. Himalayan Bowls has no control over delivery or security of your package. Please make any special arrangements with your local post office or mailman. If you require any special handling or do not want the package left at your door, you must talk to your mailman to make arrangements prior to delivery.

Downloadable Products

To download music recordings or books you have purchased, click on the Download link in your order confirmation email.

You may download your purchases a total of 3 times. If you do not have the email confirmation, you can download from your account by following these steps:

1. Login to your account here: My Account
2. On the left side of the account page, click on "My Downloadable Products"
3. Click on the Download link to start the download.
4. Wait for the download to complete fully. When the download is complete, open the recordings in iTunes, Windows Media Player, Quicktime or the music player of your choice. The audio files are M4A, which is the new standard, similar to MP3 but better quality.
5. If you downloaded Chakra Meditation or Sound of Healing, then you will have a zipped folder with multiple files inside the folder. Double click the zipped folder to access the songs. This must be done on a computer.
6. Music cannot be downloaded directly to iPhone / iPad due to restrictions by Apple. They do not allow you to freely import music, so the files must be downloaded to a computer, then imported to iTunes, then synched to your iPhone or other devices.

International Orders

Himalayan Bowls ships worldwide. All international orders are shipped via USPS International Priority Mail. Delivery will be made by your local post office or customs office. International orders may be subject to import duty, fees and VAT according to the import laws of your country. International mail takes 3-10 days depending on customs clearance. Countries like Canada, UK, Australia, Japan are very quick. You will receive an email with your tracking number after your order ships. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email. Some countries do not have online tracking. If your country does not offer online tracking with the US Postal Service, then you will not be able to track your order online after it leaves the United States. Please check with your local customs office or local post office for all delivery questions. If you do not receive your order within 10 days, please check with your local customs office or post office. International orders are often sitting waiting for customers to pick up at the local customs office or post office. If you are not sure how international shipments are handled in your area, please check with your local post office to make sure you can receive it properly.

Wholesale Orders

Wholesale orders are welcome for any business interested in reselling Himalayan Bowls. Please contact us for more information. Wholesale orders are prepaid with credit card through the website. We do not offer credit terms. We do not offer consignment or any type of payment plan. To start a wholesale account, click "My Account" and create a new account, then email us with your business name and we will turn on wholesale pricing for you.

Return Policy

Orders may be returned within 30 days for refund. The return policy is not a trial period. Returns are accepted for valid reasons. We do not ship singing bowls to test the sound or try them out. Please preview the photo and sound sample for each bowl and choose carefully. Quality is guaranteed. You will receive the exact singing bowl you hear in the sound sample. All sales are final on sale and closeout items. If there is a problem with your order and it needs to be returned for any reason, please Email us first to receive a return authorization number. Upon receipt of your return, the singing bowl and accessories will be inspected and a refund issued by the original payment method. Refunds are issued within 3-5 days after receiving the return. It may take longer to see the refund reflected on your credit card statement. Refunds will not be given for damaged, altered or missing products. We must pay fees for credit card transactions and additional fees for credit card refunds. We also pay warehouse and packaging fees. In many cases, we subsidize extra shipping and processing costs. Due to our everyday low prices and large discounts, we request customers pay a restocking fee of 5% for all returns. The restocking fee only covers our real expenses to handle your return, including handling, repackaging and credit card fees. Shipping fees are not refundable. Downloadable Products are not refundable after download.

Website Features

Click the navigation links to see our products for sale.
Click on any product photo or product name to see more detailed information.
Click "Listen" to hear a real sound recording of the exact singing bowl. You will receive the exact same singing bowl you hear in the recording.
Click "Add to Compare" to compare several items side by side. Click "Compare Products" to see your choices side by side in a new window.
Click "Add to Cart" to purchase items and follow the checkout steps.
Accessories are included free of charge. All singing bowls include a free handmade cushion and 2 free handmade mallets, specially selected for that singing bowl.
To login to your account and see pending orders and order history, visit: My Account

Important note: Himalayan Bowls offers each singing bowl individually. When you order a singing bowl, it is automatically removed from the website so no one else can order the same item. After you order a singing bowl, you will no longer see it on the website. Due to the one of a kind nature of our products, unattended shopping carts will expire after 2 hours. After 2 hours of inactivity, the shopping session will be canceled. All products will be removed from the shopping cart and available for sale again on the website. If you place items in the shopping cart, leave and then come back after 2 hours, you will need to start your shopping session again.

About Singing Bowls

Below are answers to commonly asked questions. Please visit our other About Us pages and our Singing Bowl Blog to get more in depth information about singing bowls

Are they real antiques? Yes. Every antique singing bowl sold by Himalayan Bowls has been hand selected and authenticated by antique singing bowl expert Joseph Feinstein. Each singing bowl listed in our antique galleries is a genuine antique, over 100 years old. Himalayan Bowls is one of the only sellers of real antiques. There are many new bowls sold online as "old," "vintage," or "antique." Beware of fakes and copies.

How do you know the age? I'm an expert in antique bronze and have dated thousands of Asian antiques. My dating system has been confirmed by university and museum professionals over the last 15 years, including the Archaeological Metallurgists at Oxford University.

Do you include authentication? Yes - the letter of authentication is attached to your order. It will be delivered in your order email and is also downloadable from your account. The package includes a separate information card, with a gift photo on the back.

Is that really what the singing bowls sound like? Yes - Joseph records every single singing bowl personally so you can hear the exact bowl you can order online. Each singing bowl is carefully recorded with professional audio equipment. It's best to listen with headphones or really good speakers. Computer speakers and laptop speakers are not adequate. The low tones cannot be heard with computer speakers at all. The recordings are very accurate but in person they are even better. In person the bowls tend to sound a bit more smooth. Also you can feel the vibration, which is a big part of the experience.

How do you play the singing bowls in the sound clips? All the bowls are recorded by striking them 1 time with a soft mallet. You will receive the same mallet that we use to record the bowls. Singing bowls up to 9" are recorded with the wool wrapped mallet. Singing bowls over 9" are recorded with the large beater.

Where can I learn to play singing bowls? Please see our page Playing Instructions and watch our informative videos: Free Singing Bowl Videos

Company Information

Himalayan Bowls was founded in 2001 in San Francisco, California. Himalayan Bowls is owned and operated by Joseph Feinstein. We sell online only. Please click Contact Us to send an email or contact us online by live chat or phone at (415) 952-6957. You will receive a personal reply from Joseph within 24 hours.

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