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3" Tingsha

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High quality tingsha, re-strung with durable made in USA cord. Each pair is hand tuned for a perfectly matched tone. Click Listen to hear an example recording. Tones vary slightly and they all sound marvelous.
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The very best quality tingsha made today, individually matched for beautifully tuned sound. These high quality tingsha are perfectly tuned. They sound clear and vibrant. We match every pair for the most perfect sound. These are also the most authentic tingsha made today, made by the famous bell makers of Dehradun, India. Typical tingsha are mass produced. Almost all of them are out of tune with each other. Our tingsha are different. They are hand cast from the best quality bell metal bronze. Each pair is then individually matched, so they are tuned together as closely as possible. I then personally check each pair to make sure they meet my high standards for sound quality. They really do. While other tingsha sound harsh and dissonant, mine sound smooth and clear. Click Listen to hear an example recording. Sorry I'm not recording individual tingsha for the time being but they all sound marvelous. Thanks!

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