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Kestrel High E Walnut

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High Spirits Native American Style Flute. Crafted from domestic, aromatic cedar, a softwood, which gives this flute a warm, resonant and full voice. The keyÌÎÌ_ _of "F#" minor gives this flute a haunting, ethereal quality that touches the heart and spirit. This is a 6-hole wooden flute. Made in USA.
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The High Spirits high tone Kestrel flute in the key of E minor is handcrafted from domestic Black Walnut wood. It is hand-finished with non-toxic oils that seal the flute and give it a bright, clear, uplifting musical voice. Higher toned flutes are ideal for musical collaborations like drum circles because their higher tones beautifully stands out against other lower toned instruments. The Kestrel's compact size makes it a very versatile flute that is ideal for traveling and hiking; it is 15-inches (38 cm) in length. This flute is also an excellent accompaniment to any of our other flutes in the key of 'E' minor. This is a 6-hole flute. We cover the 3rd hole from the top, known as the 6th hole, with a leather hole cover so you have the option to play it as a 5-hole flute (which tends to make the learning process easier) or as a 6-hole flute.

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