2 Mallets + 1 Cushion included FREE with every singing bowl!

The finest singing bowls made today, our golden bronze singing bowls are the real hand hammered singing bowls, made the same way for 1,000 years from the traditional alloy. Each is perfectly finished for the best sound and appearance, buffed to a shine that lasts for years. Each individually crafted Himalayan Bowl is 100% hand hammered by traditional artisans in Nepal. These are the true traditional singing bowls, made from the same metal and same hammering technique as the best antiques. Every sale supports our artisans in Nepal who make the singing bowls, as well as the many artisans who make our handmade cushions, handmade wildcrafted mallets and handmade wildcrafted wrapping paper, all included free with each singing bowl from Himalayan Bowls. Listen to each individual singing bowl below. Each unique singing bowl has been individually recorded by our company founder, Joseph, so you can choose your favorite sounds. Listen with headphones to hear the full range of the tones. Each Himalayan Bowl produces 3 distinct tones; a low, mid and high tone. Each recording is done with one strike of the soft red mallet.
Golden Singing Bowls

Golden Singing Bowls

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