11" Rare Antique Singing Bowl in D

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Genuine antique singing bowl, 2 mallets, 1 cushion. Joseph describes this singing bowl as one of the best antique singing bowls in my entire 20 years collecting, this large antique has an amazing healing vibration that make it among the most beautiful and special sounds ever heard. It really is that wonderful. There is a soft quality and melodic beauty that come through, the combination of masterful craftsmanship and the natural aging process. This bowl does have several fine cracks in the bottom which may have been caused by damage or changes in the internal metal stress over time. The cracks do not damage the sound at all - the vibration and tone are better than perfect. It rings for more than a minute and a half and is very easy to play around the rim. The cracks will not get worse unless it is dropped or knocked hard. It should be kept on a soft surface and avoid being knocked against any hard surface to avoid further damage, which is true for all antiques.