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Himalayan Bowls Sound Samples

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50 Professionally Mastered Singing Bowl Sounds, 48k, 24bit .wav files, 50 files total, 535mb download. 4 octaves, 12 tones each octave, plus 2 extra sounds for 50 tones total. Listen to a sample of 4 sounds below.
50 professionally mastered, tuned sound samples of my fine antique singing bowls. We started with the best quality, most in tune, real antique singing bowls. I recorded each one in the studio, then had them mastered by a top mastering expert. The result are amazing. With all the character and beauty of the originals, these are the best singing bowl samples ever recorded! Get 4 full octaves of singing bowl sound samples, from the lowest tones antiques can produce, up to shimmering high pitches. From C2 to C#6 including 50 tones total in high quality 48k, 24bit Wav files.

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