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Singing bowls for sale from Himalayan Bowls. Free singing bowl information. Free singing bowl videos, singing bowl sounds and accurate information about singing bowls. Antique singing bowls for sale. New singing bowls for sale. Himalayan Bowls has been the premier singing bowl source since 2001. We are the oldest singing bowl shopping site and the first to put singing bowls recordings online. When you purchase a singing bowl from Himalayan Bowls, you are guaranteed the best quality, genuine singing bowl. Our singing bowls are selected for the best in-tune sound. All of our antiques are genuine antique singing bowls. Avoid the many fakes and the huge amount of false information. Himalayan Bowls is the trusted singing bowl importer and main supplier in the USA for quality singing bowls. All of our singing bowls are individually sourced in Nepal for the best quality, authentic age, great condition and beautiful sound. Welcome to the singing bowl source.


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Great Discounts Every Day

Save 50% on all singing bowls every day. Buy direct from the leading importer and save. Why do we sell singing bowls at such low prices? The lower our prices, the more singing bowls we sell. The more we sell, the more we can buy from our suppliers. Our goal is to share the sounds and support our suppliers. By doing so we form a supportive community, connecting you to the traditional Himalayan artisans by means of these wonderful handicrafts.

Sound Clips Of Every Individual Singing Bowl

Click on the Listen buttons to hear a short sound clip of the actual singing bowls for sale. We record every singing bowl with professional audio equipment so you get an accurate representation of the real sound. The bowls still sound better in person and you can really feel the vibration when you hold them.

Choose Antique or New Singing Bowls

Himalayan Bowls offers the widest selection of both New Handmade Singing Bowls and genuine fine Antique Singing Bowls. Antique singing bowls have the most warm and mellow tone. The harmonics are very gentle and the whole effect is very relaxing and peaceful. Choose an antique singing bowl if you want the absolute most relaxing and beautiful sound in the world. Please visit our Information Pages to learn more about antique singing bowls.

New singing bowls are about half the price of antiques and still sound great. Our New Handmade singing bowls are made exactly like the fine antiques, with the same metal and construction method that has been used for centuries. The tone of the new bowls is slightly more metallic and sharp than the antiques. The vibration of new bowls is also more powerful and they ring longer than the antiques - some up to 5 minutes. Shop for Size, Color and Age We organize the antique singing bowls into small, medium and large sizes. Small singing bowls (4-6 inch diameter) are the size of a desert bowl or small salad bowl. Medium singing bowls (6-8 inch) are the size of a medium sized sauce pan or large soup bowl. Large singing bowls (9-12 inch for antiques, up to 26 inches for new bowls) are as big as a fruit bowl or punch bowl. Small singing bowls sound the highest, large singing bowls have the deepest tone. Medium sized bowls are the most popular and easiest to play around the rim.

Our New Handmade singing bowls come in different colors but they are all made of the same high quality metal. You can choose from plain or beautifully engraved patterns with Tibetan motifs.

Beware that there are many fake antiques on the web. Even large dealers routinely sell new bowls and call them "old" or "antique." Himalayan Bowls is one of the only dealers of real antique singing bowls. Please visit our Information Pages to learn more.

Making a Personal Choice

The most important consideration when shopping for a singing bowl is the sound. Choose the sound that you like the most. Listen to the sound clips until you find one that really sounds great to you. If you hear several that you like, you can click "Add to Compare" to add a variety of items to your compare list. Then click "Compare Products" to see and hear them side by side. Choose the sound that you like the most.

If you are buying a gift, you can think of the person who will receive the bowl and imagine their reaction. Choose the one you think will make them smile. Imagine the sound of their voice as you listen to the sound clips. Choose the bowl that you think sounds harmonious with their voice. It's a wonderful and memorable gift that people really love!

Free Accessories

Accessories are included free with all singing bowls. We choose the best accessories for every bowl.

Our handmade wool wrapped mallets are used in the singing bowl recordings on the website. These are best for striking the bowl. The wood end can be used to play the bowl around the rim. These are great all purpose mallets.

The leather wrapped mallets are best for playing around the rim. Both the leather and wood end can be used for playing the bowls around the rim. You can strike gently with the leather, too. For hard striking, use the soft cloth mallet.

Large bowls include one of the large beaters to bring out the full tone. These are for striking only. Play large bowls around the rim with the large leather wrapped mallet. You can use both the leather and wood ends.

Cushions help if you will keep the singing bowl on a hard surface. Cushions protect the table surface and the bowl They also allow the bowl to vibrate, preventing unwanted sound from the bowl vibrating against a hard surface. When not in use, always keep a bowl on its cushion to protect the bottom of the bowl.

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