Singing Bowls from Himalayan Bowls. Welcome to the largest collection of antique singing bowls in the world. Each singing bowl has been hand selected by company founder Joseph Feinstein for perfect sound, great condition and genuine old age. Listen to each genuine antique for sale. Each singing bowl in our collection has been authenticated over 100 years old.

100% of music sales donated to relief efforts in Nepal. Please help! Download recordings of real singing bowls, performed by Himalayan Bowls founder Joseph Feinstein and recording artist Karma Moffett. Enjoy amazing meditative sounds. Plus classical music with singing bowl sounds not available anywhere else. Downloads only - No CD's!

The authoritative guide to everything about singing bowls, by Himalayan Bowls founder Joseph Feinstein. Full of accurate information about the history and traditional uses of singing bowls, plus practical techniques to use them. With over 100 beautiful photographs. Download a Free Sample Chapter.

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Visit the Himalayan Bowls blog and get real and accurate information about singing bowls, their history, manufacturing, traditional and modern usage. Learn the truth about the many singing bowl myths and lies.

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