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About Himalayan Bowls

Himalayan Bowls was founded in San Francisco, California in the year 2001. In the late 1990's, I began collecting antique singing bowls purely out of love for the sound. A lifelong musician, I was completely captivated by the amazing sound of the singing bowls and started my large collection. At the time I was a university teacher and had no intention of starting a business. My personal collection grew and grew. After some time, I had bought so many that I decided to sell some that I was no longer using.

During the course of building my personal collection, I sought out the best singing bowls from every possible source. I developed an amazing world class collection and became one of the leading singing bowl experts. I worked closely with antique dealers and museum experts, learning everything I could about bronze and Asian antiques. Being located in San Francisco made it easy for me to study Asian bronze and I quickly became an expert in the field.

When I first discovered singing bowls and was shopping for them myself, I wished there was a way to hear the bowls - no one had yet started a website with sound samples. When I launched the HImalayan Bowls website in 2002, the site was an overnight success because Himalayan Bowls was the first website to feature sound samples of bowls you could buy. From the beginning, I provided great quality sound clips, nice digital images and descriptions for each singing bowl featured on the site. Himalayan Bowls quickly grew to become the leading source for top quality singing bowls. Nearly every other singing bowl website has copied Himalayan Bowls in some way. Some sites look nearly identical, but we are the original. 

The secret to our success is simple: we offer the very best singing bowls in the world, at fair prices, with professional quality sound samples and nice photos. We provide factual no-nonsense information and prompt, friendly service. We do not perpetuate the made up stories and false myths that are found all over the internet and in the few books on the subject. This was my formula from the beginning and we still do it that way today.

I carefully choose every singing bowl, record and photograph each one, and offer them to you at the lowest possible price. In fact, our prices today are less than they were in the beginning and there is no one offering singing bowls of the same quality for less. Most sellers play confusing games with invented quality grades or confusing pricing schemes. We sell the bowls at fair prices with no nonsense. All required accessories are included at no extra charge. 

Now at the end of 2011, is entering it's 10th year. Thank you for making our first decade a great success. Today we support many traditional artisans living in Nepal. Our singing bowls are used worldwide in meditation centers, schools, hospitals, professional offices and homes. We are a link in a chain of many lives, from the craftsmen to you, all joined together by the amazing sound of these magical singing bowls.

I feel very fortunate to be the caretaker for these wonderful instruments and am personally available to you if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you in the coming years with the best quality instruments, fantastic service and unbeatable prices.

Joseph Feinstein
Founder, Himalayan Bowls

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