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Are singing bowls good for home?

Singing bowls have a special quality, a sort of presence and ability to improve an environment.  This presence is an unusual but undeniable phenomenon.  I first noticed it when I began collecting antique singing bowls for myself.  I noticed there was a wonderful feeling in my home.  It felt more peaceful and calm.  I could not explain the change except to say that there is something special about antique singing bowls.  The antique presence, combined with the ability for the sound vibrations to clear the air, have a palpable effect on the environment.

Singing bowls are very special and it is a real gift to have them in any environment.  In fact, singing bowls transform an environment.  Most antique collectors know there is a mysterious quality to antique objects.  There is a feeling to them, as if they somehow capture all of the years since they were new.  An old building, an old piece of furniture or an old work of art seem to carry a special old feeling.  I have traveled to many ancient cities and each one has its own feeling and special quality.  It is a feeling that comes with age, experience and uniqueness.  I cannot explain what causes this phenomenon but it seems antique objects carry the years of experience along with them.  Antique objects have this special feeling that relates to their history. 

Singing bowls have a special feeling due to their age and due to their function as vibrating instruments.  Keeping an antique singing bowl in a room will make the room feel calm and wonderful, like a sacred and spiritual place.  It really feels like being in a temple.  Everyone seems to notice this phenomenon.  People often comment about the nice feeling produced by antique singing bowls.  The feeling is literally amplified by playing the bowls regularly.   Not only does the age contribute to this phenomenon, but the special feeling is caused by the sound vibrations themselves.  The vibrations make the environment feel wonderful.  Singing bowl sounds have a unique power to clear disturbances in the air.  The vibrations travel through the air and counteract other vibrations that may linger in the environment.  They make any environment feel more calm, serene and free from bad feelings.  I believe this is the power of singing bowls to literally clear stray vibrations from the air.  Sound vibrations are a physical phenomenon.  Sound physically travels in an environment.  We not only detect sound as vibration; feelings and emotions are felt as vibration, too.  The vibrations of the bowls counteract physical and emotional vibrations.  We are conscious of these vibrations in a subtle way.  The singing bowl vibrations linger in a room and make the environment feel quite magical, peaceful and pleasant.

They are beautiful decorative objects with the added advantage of improving our lives and environment.  Singing bowls are wonderful to keep in the home or office.  The vibrations transform any environment, making a room feel wonderful.  The vibrations of a singing bowl effectively stop stray vibrations in an environment.  Singing bowls literally clear the air of extraneous vibrations which we can feel on a subtle level.  They make any environment more peaceful and calm.  They fill the air with vibrations and counteract other vibrations in the room, such as lingering agitation from arguments.  Playing a singing bowl every day will help you cultivate a more relaxed and aware attitude.  They counteract our strong emotions, too. 

The subtle effects of singing bowls on the environment are invisible, yet palpable.  We feel the invisible power. 

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