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The Singing Bowl Book PDF Version - Himalayan Bowls
The Singing Bowl Book PDF Version - Himalayan Bowls

The Singing Bowl Book PDF Version

Discover the true history behind singing bowls from author and Himalayan Bowls founder Joseph Feinstein—with 140 photos in vibrant color. Joseph, known affectionately in Nepal as the “Singing Bowl King” and a foremost singing bowl expert from his decades of research on the topic, paints a fascinating picture of the origin of singing bowls and dispels some of the most common myths that are peddled by many singing bowl sellers today.

What You'll Get Out Of The Book

Explore the Himalayan Bowl history & timeline

Delve into hundreds of years of ancient chronicles – connecting multiple cultures and traditions across Asia

Learn about the sophisticated crafting process

Admire the craftsmanship and dedication put into each bowl, passed down generation after generation

Connect deeper with your Himalayan Bowl

As you become more knowledgeable on Himalayan Bowls, you’ll begin to sense a deeper connection with your bowl and it’s ancient origins

Become a Himalayan Singing Bowl Storyteller

…with the all-in-one book that covers everything you need to know about singing bowls, including:

  •  The stunning artistry methods & techniques 
  • The intersection between culture & Himalayan Bowl traditions
  • The full range of metal singing bowls – brass, bronze & antiques
  • Modern-day shopping advice & guidance
  • And so much more!
Joseph Feinstein


About Joseph Feinstein

As the original founder of Himalayan Bowls… Joseph traveled the world learning about singing bowls. He began collecting in 1998 and has become the world’s #1 expert on the ancient, sacred objects. Not only was he the 1st person to enable the purchase of singing bowls on the internet, but he was also the 1st person to create the functionality to hear & preview singing bowls online. After years and years of his journey with singing bowls, he decided to document and chronicle the history, evolutions and modern-day uses of these remarkable tools. 

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

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