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As the first e-commerce site selling singing bowls, the first to introduce individual pictures and the first to begin individually recording bowls, we have led the singing bowl space with a lot of "firsts" and plan to continue the trend. We’ve accumulated the world’s #1 collection of authentic Antique Singing Bowls – along with offering the best New Singing Bowls you can find. Read below to find out more about our origins and history.

Who Are We?

Himalayan Bowls, the singing bowl source since 2001. Singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls are guaranteed to be the highest quality singing bowls in the world. Each singing bowl is individually selected and individually presented to you with a high quality audio sample so you know exactly what you're getting before you buy.

Himalayan Bowls was founded by leading singing bowl expert, antique expert, cultural historian, musican, teacher, Joseph Feinstein. Himalayan Bowls was the first singing bowl website to offer individual singing bowls for sale and for years, Himalayan Bowls was the only place to buy an individual singing bowl from a photo and sound recording. Since our start, we have been guided by the principles of quality, value and authenticity. We offer only authentic antique singing bowls and top quality new handmade singing bowls. All of our products are sourced in Nepal, the home of singing bowls for nearly 1,000 years. Our manufacturing supports nearly 100 people in Nepal. We were the first company to institute modern quality control methods in Nepal. Joseph's many years of experience and our careful quality control process have ensured you will receive a wonderful singing bowl that will last for a lifetime. 

From Our Founder:

I started Himalayan Bowls out of love for these wonderful objects and the desire to share the sounds and vibrations with others. Many people comment about my "unusual" relationship with singing bowls. In Nepal they call me the "Singing Bowl King" due to the many years spent building relationships and knowledge about singing bowls with the Nepalases people. I won't be wearing a crown anytime soon, but my deep connection with these historic objects has been a guiding force in my life. I have spent the last 20 years learning everything I can and conducting the only real singing bowl research with the help of universities, museums and laboratories around the world. My book The Singing Bowl Book is the first and only factual book about singing bowls. Himalayan Bowls has the singular goal of providing the very best singing bowls available anywhere.

I am committed to supporting the traditional artisans who make the singing bowls and singing bowl accessories. We sell everything at great prices in order to keep the artisans working year round. I am also selling my large antique collection at discount prices. These are real antique treasures I collected in the Himalayas between 2003 - 2015.

Founder, Himalayan Bowls

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Shop our New Singing Bowls or Antique Singing Bowls below – and choose what resonates with you. Your singing bowl from Himalayan Bowls is a treasure that will last for hundreds of years!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

Thousands of verified happy customers have enjoyed their Himalayan Bowls experience during our 2+ decades of service
Ships from the USA

Ships from the USA

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