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Singing bowls to help Nepal

When you purchase singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls, you are helping close to 100 families in Nepal who depend on handicrafts exports to survive.

Himalayan Bowls is mainly an enterprise with a mission to help Nepal. We import handmade products to help sustain the handicrafts industry and preserve the traditional methods still in use today. 

Nepal is a small landlocked country with few resources. Their entire economy is based on two primary forces: tourism and the export of handicrafts. Due to the devastating earthquakes of 2015, ongoing political turmoil for years and now complete lockdowns due to COVID, tourism has come to a halt.

Nepal, now more than ever, is dependent on the export of handicrafts for their livelihood. Himalayan Bowls has answered the call to help Nepal by increasing our imports year after year. Unfortunately, just as we were growing the most, COVID has greatly limited the supply and created extended deadlines. We have fewer bowls and at higher prices than before, but the good news is that the quality is better than ever. 

The artisans have been working in isolation and while the quantity of singing bowls has dropped, the quality has improved. The makers have spent more time on tuning the bowls so they sound sublime. The decorative artists have created the best engravings ever placed on any singing bowl. The work is masterful and the result of the slowdown has been a great increase in artistry. Our current offering are the best singing bowls made in over 100 years. They look better and sound better than any new bowls I have ever offered. They are truly heirloom quality and will become the fine antiques of tomorrow. 

I am very proud of the work our artisans do in Nepal. It is not only the singing bowls that are hand hammered and hand decorated. Our cushions and mallets are also handmade. The wood for our mallets is wildcrafted from a sustainable hardwood shrub. The wool used on our mallets is hand woven on a wooden loom. Even the paper we use to wrap the bowls is wildcrafted and handmade by traditional craftspeople. We support workshops that employ women who have fled from abusive marriages. While there is no true "fair trade" in Nepal, we make sure our sources are ethical, traditional and supportive of their workers. For 20 years, Himalayan Bowls has been helping Nepal. Every purchase you make directly puts money in the pockets of the workers and suppliers who make our magical products. On behalf of the 100 families who are involved in the endeavor, we thank you for your support. 

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