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What are singing bowls good for?

1. Meditation: singing bowls are commonly found in meditation and yoga studios. They are used at the beginning and end of meditation and can be used as a signal to mark time. The soothing sounds of singing bowls help one meditate and make the environment feel more relaxed.

2. Education: thousands of school teachers use singing bowls in the classroom. There are many ways to use singing bowls with children, including teaching about sharing, mindfulness, principles of science, music and more.

3. Music: singing bowls are commonly heard in background music, film scores and other modern compositions. It is a newly discovered instrument for musicians. Traditional musicians in Nepal also include singing bowls in some ensembles.

4. Home Use: most singing bowls are collected by individuals who want a beautiful object for their home. Singing bowls are both decorative and functional. Unlike any other object, the vibrations of singing bowls actually improve the feeling of the environment. So they are very useful as well as beautiful objects for the home.

5. Professional Use: many professionals use singing bowls as an adjunct tool in their practice. While there is an entire field devoted to using sound to help people, called sound healing, singing bowls are also commonly used by doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners and caregivers of all kinds. The soothing vibrations and pleasant sounds of a singing bowl are useful in recovery and healing. They help one relax and improve ones wellbeing.

6. Personal Use: Individuals use singing bowls for all sorts of daily use, from music to sound healing to just enjoying the sounds. Singing bowls produce a uniquely enchanting sound and the vibrations have a special healing quality. They are simply beautiful and feel great.

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