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What is a singing bowl used for?

In my book, The Singing Bowl Book, I discuss and show in pictures the many traditional and modern ways singing bowls are used. My years of research led me to the conclusion that the original use of a singing bowl was as a multipurpose food and collection bowl. Large singing bowls were used in temples.

I photographed a monk in Vietnam playing a large singing bowl while people came up one by one and dropped money in the bowl. I have witnessed in Japan many times the use of a singing bowl on an altar as a musical offering.

Singing bowls were traditionally related to donations and offerings, indicating that they are recognized as a symbol of bounty and wealth. In fact, the wealthier the temple, the larger the singing bowl.

In recent times, singing bowls are used more for their vibrational properties than symbolic meaning. The sound and vibration of a fine quality singing bowl, like those offered at HimalayanBowls.com, is very special, even life changing.

Singing bowls are most commonly used for:

1. Meditation and Yoga: singing bowl sounds are very relaxing and can help your practice.

2. Music: singing bowls are frequently heard in background music in film and tv. They are wonderful in ambient music as well.

3. Group events: singing bowls are used in classrooms and workshops to facilitate a variety of group activities.

4. Personal use: the most common use are for personal wellbeing and enjoyment. The sounds and vibrations are enchanting.

5. Home decor: people like to have singing bowls in their home or office. They're decorative and actually make the environment feel great.

6. Gifts: more than half of our singing bowls at Himalayan Bowls are sold as gifts. People love receiving them and they're often the most special gift of the day.

7. Sound healing: A relatively new field, many people are exploring the real benefits of sound with singing bowls.

I encourage you to experience the beautiful sounds for yourself. I personally record every singing bowl we offer at Himalayan Bowls. Listen with headphones to hear the real sounds. What new uses can you think of?

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