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What singing bowl should I start with?

Most people start with a small or medium sized singing bowl. A smaller 4" singing bowl may be less expensive but the sound is less satisfying and they are more difficult to play. A slightly larger 5" singing bowl gives you a fuller experience. They are easier to play, louder and have a stronger vibration. If you only want one singing bowl to enjoy for life, a medium size around 6"-7" is the best. These are the most popular and for many good reasons. The vibration is strong enough to fill a room, they are easier to play, they have deeper tones and the overall quality of the sound is more enjoyable. The antique singing bowl I am holding in the photo is the average size, around 6.5" diameter. Larger singing bowls, 8" and larger, have their place as well. While a medium sized bowl is the perfect size for personal use, a larger sized singing bowl is ideal for the environment. Nothing beats the big, full vibration of a large singing bowl. Listen to my examples online and compare small, medium and large. Whatever your preference, they are all wonderful. Personally, I like to have all sizes around for different uses. 3 or more singing bowls played together sounds amazing. A good starter set is 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large. Then you have a variety of tones and sizes for many daily applications.
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