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How To Order

Choosing Your Singing Bowls

To place an order, first select your favorite singing bowls and other items. I record every singing bowl individually so you can choose your favorites. Click the play buttons under each bowl to listen to that exact singing bowl. Listen with headphones to hear the most accurate sound. To choose, simply select your favorites. Accessories are all included free of charge so you do not need to buy anything extra. However, I do recommend my book The Singing Bowl Book if you are interested in learning more about the history, use and manufacture of singing bowls.

Listen to multiple bowls together to make a custom set or use a tuner to get perfectly tuned bowls. Singing bowls are not tuned so they are generally not perfectly tuned. Use a tuner to get the most accurate notes if you need that, or just let your ears listen and choose the tones that you enjoy the most.

About Handmade Singing Bowls

Hand hammered and antique singing bowls are handmade objects. They are made by hammers and heat. They are hammered into shape and then finished by hand. They are not "perfect" by the standards of modern computer controlled manufacturing. Our handmade singing bowls do have minor imperfections. Asymmetrical shapes, hammer marks and other variations in the shape are completely normal. Scratches, spots and even micro-fractures are normal for antiques. New bowls may also have a variety of surface marks made during manufacturing. Such minor surface variations are completely normal and to be expected. We carefully check every bowl for structural issues and of course for the sound. Our bowls are the best but please do expect - and enjoy - their unique handmade quality. They are all beautiful, even with some minor flaws!

Placing An Order

Add items to cart, then click "proceed to checkout" to start the checkout process. First time customers do not need an account to order. If you have never shopped here before, please checkout as a new customer. You will be given the option to start an account after your order is placed. Login as a returning customers for your next visit.

You will receive the exact singing bowls you select. We organize the singing bowls by their unique item numbers, which are letters followed by 5 numbers, for example HB01001 or M01001. We need the entire item number to look up an individual bowl.

Items left in your shopping cart are not reserved for you. Someone else may order the same items. All singing bowls are sold first come, first served. If you add an item to the cart and later find it is not available, that means someone else completed the purchase first and the bowl is sold.


We accept all major credit cards which are processed securely through Shopify and our other payment providers. No credit card information is stored or visible on our server. All credit card information is processed by secure payment gateways. After you place an order, you will see a "Thank You" message on the screen. You will also receive an email order confirmation. Please check your spam and promotions folders if you do not see the email. Orders ship within 1-2 days and usually arrive within 1 week by UPS ground. Orders are processed Monday - Friday only.


Please see our privacy pages for more information. Himalayan Bowls does not sell personal information under any circumstances. Your personal information is used only to process your order. Credit cards are not processed on our site and we never see your credit card number. Information saved in your account can be changed or deleted at any time by logging in with your password. Personal information is not stored locally and is never shared.

Shipping & Order Tracking

All orders are promptly shipped from our warehouse in Gilroy, California by UPS Ground. We do not offer expedited shipping.

Generally orders are processed in the morning, Monday - Friday. Orders are normally processed within 1 day but may take up to 2 days to ship, not including Saturday and Sunday. There is no order processing on Saturday and Sunday. You will receive an email with your tracking number after your order ships. It may take an additional 24 hours to receive the tracking number.

Please check your spam and promotions folders if you do not see your order and tracking emails. You can also log in to your account to receive the tracking number. Please note if you see a message that your order is "processing," that means the tracking information has not yet been received.

Delivery takes up to 7 days after it is shipped. Signature is not required. Packages may be left at your door, at the discretion of the delivery driver. Please make prior arrangements with your UPS driver to make sure delivery will be secure. Himalayan Bowls has no control over delivery or security of your package. Please make any special arrangements on your end.

Downloadable Products

To download music recordings or books you have purchased, click on the Download link in your order confirmation email.

You may download your purchases a total of 3 times. If you do not have the email confirmation, you can download online by logging in to your account.

International Orders

Himalayan Bowls ships worldwide. All international orders are shipped via USPS International Priority Mail. Delivery will be made by your local post office or customs office. International orders may be subject to import duty, fees and VAT according to the import laws of your country. International mail takes 3-10 days depending on customs clearance. Countries like Canada, UK, Australia, Japan are very quick. You will receive an email with your tracking number after your order ships. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the email. Some countries do not have online tracking. If your country does not offer online tracking with the US Postal Service, then you will not be able to track your order online after it leaves the United States. Please check with your local customs office or local post office for all delivery questions. If you do not receive your order within 10 days, please check with your local customs office or post office. International orders are often sitting waiting for customers to pick up at the local customs office or post office. If you are not sure how international shipments are handled in your area, please check with your local post office to make sure you can receive it properly.

Wholesale Orders

Wholesale orders are welcome for any business interested in reselling Himalayan Bowls. We also have an affiliate program which requires no purchase. Please contact us for more information. Wholesale orders are prepaid with credit card.

Website Features

Click the navigation links to see our products for sale.
Click on any product photo or product name to see more detailed information.
Click the sound players to hear a real sound recording of each singing bowl. You will receive the exact singing bowls you hear in the recordings.
Click "Add to Compare" to compare several items side by side. Click "Compare Products" to see your choices side by side in a new window.
Click "Add to Cart" to purchase items and follow the checkout steps.
Accessories are included free of charge. All singing bowls include a free handmade cushion and 2 free handmade mallets, specially sized for that singing bowl.

Company Information

Himalayan Bowls was founded in 2001 in San Francisco, California. Himalayan Bowls is owned and operated by Joseph Feinstein. We sell online only. Please feel free to contact me by email, live chat or phone. You will receive a personal reply within 24 hours. Click the contact page to get in touch.